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Therma-Roll Operating Systems

Therma-roll is available with a choice of operating systems to suit all application reqiuirments.

Therma-Roll 40 Electric operation

Using Somfy tubular motors Therma-roll can be power driven with ease, with the choice of manual over-ride options for doorway shutters and non over-ride options for window shutters.

A range of Somfy motors utilising electronic limits are available to match all applications where hard wiring visibility is an issue.
  Therma-Roll 40 Manual Counterbalance Operation

Utilising specially designed spring systems to compensate the weight of the Therma-roll profiles, manual operation is made light and easy.

All manual shutters are supplied with a base rail security lock system.
Therma-Roll 40 Gearbox Operation

When manual operation is required from the internal elevation of the building a gearbox system can offer a perfect solution, allowing the shutter to be raised using a crank handle.
  Therma-Roll 40 Auto locking System can be used with motorised and gearbox operated shutters to enhance security.
  Tape winder box operation is available on the therma-roll 40mm and 52mm profile shutters. Allowing easy operation from the internal elevation of the building.