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Therma-Roll Application Styles

Therma-Roll can be supplied in a range of application styles. Below are the application options:

On-Built System


On Built system allows the shutter box to be hidden completely when viewed from the building exteirior. The headbox is a upvc section with a removable internal access panel see Fig3.

Designed for use with new build, the system can also be intergrated when refurbishing window profiles. Reccesing the internal blockwork to accomodate the guide section allows the guide to be flush with the outside face if the finished brickwork see Fig2.

Using a standard step lintel to create the space required to hide the headplate system above the external finished brick line.

The shutter can either be fitted directly to the window system off site, or fitted directly to the wall befor the window is installed.

The window section has an additional spacer attached to each side to ensure that the glass line does not interfere with the finished external brickwork.

Standard Face Fix


Standard mount is used for most retro-fit applications, using standard head plates and full box cover, this system sits directly onto standard layout brickwork with the box surface mounted above the window opening.

When using standard mount with certain application a base cill angle may be required when the existing window cill is not suitable for the shutter to close onto.

When standard mount is used in conjunction with Therma-roll 77mm profile sliding head plates will be used to limit curtain and barrel deflection.

Standard Reveal Fix


Standard Reveal Fix allows the shutter to fit betweentwo parrelel surfaces. All shutters have a full box which includes a back box ( Facia) that hides the barrel mechanism.

On wider spans were the facia is unsuported we advise the use of a stiffning angle to help ensure the facia stays rigig.

The over-ride or gearbox outlet can be positioned to either exit from the front of the plate or the back, allowing operation from inside or outside.

This application is commonly used for doorways where the shutter box is above the door, and also cabinet applications.

Secure-Lintel System

Please consult main contractor for the following information:

  1. 1. Cavity width
  2. 2. Load to be carried
  3. 3. Special enviroment. E.g. stainless steel, corner application


Once you have all relevant information specific lintel details can be forwarded.

Secure-Lintel System



Cavity Closer dimension will vary depending on the load bearing parameters of the structure