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Therma-Roll 40mm profile

40mm profile are designed to interlock to give maximum insulation and accoustic properties With a thickness of 5mm across the profile the Therma-roll 40mm is ideally suited for domestic window and cabinet applications.

Small profiles have improved rolling characteristics allowing smaller head space requirement, the 40mm profile only requires as little as 150mm headroom. Every Therma-roll shutter comes complete with reinforced bottom rail section giving added security when closed. When using a manual counterbalance operating system the locking section will be incorporated in a specially designed base rail which has extruded recessed for the locking bars giving added security.

All Therma-roll shutters are supplied with a full housing casing as standard, covering the rolling mechanism fully. A choice of shape is also available, with the conventional
angular head plate section and housing box or the curved head plate and housing box. In conjunction with curved guide cover this can make any application more aesthetically pleasing.

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Dome Face   Dome face guide caps are also available serving a dual role of covering any fixing points as well as giving the guide section a more athetically pleasing finish when used in a face fix enviroment.
Dome Face Dome Face
Therma-Roll 40  

Guide Section

Therma-roll 40 has a choice of guide sections to suit most applications.

All guide sections come complete with Standard guide sections are depicted as well as the non standard.


The dome cap is a security feature covering the fixing holes on the externally fitted guide section, the dome security cap when clipped into place cannot be removed unless the head plate is removed first

Therma-Roll 40  

Head Plate Size Guide

All of the height calculations shown to the left are based upon a 60mm ocatgonal axle.

If exceeding a span of 3000mm please allow for a 70mm axle which may alter the headplate size.

Please call to verify your plate details prior to ordering.


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Therma-Roll 40 Therma-Roll 40 Therma-Roll 40 Therma-Roll 40 Therma-Roll 40 Therma-Roll 40 Therma-Roll 40 Therma-Roll 40 Therma-Roll 40 Therma-Roll 40