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Secure-Roll 77mm profile

77mm profile is a heavy duty extrusion designed to interlock to give maximum security when closed.

Larger profiles allow greater spans to be covered in one shutter, as the profile is stronger. The Secure-roll 77mm profile is able to span up to 6500mm in a single shutter.

Secure-roll 77 is also available in a punched format supplied with optional glazing. The punched sections are 100mm x 40mm with 25mm between open sections, the punching detail can be inline or brick bond pattern in design.

Secure-roll 77 shutter comes complete with reinforced bottom rail section complete with heavy duty base seal, giving added security when closed. When using Secure-roll 77 on larger applications a sliding head plate mechanism is utilised, reducing shutter deflection.

  Secure-Roll 77

Brick Bond Pattern   Brick Bond Pattern   Secure-Roll 77

Therma-Roll 77   Standard head plate with roller guide.
Therma-Roll 77 Therma-Roll 77


Sliding headplate machanism pictured above is shown in both fully lowered position and fully opened position

Guide Section


Head Plate Size Guide

Therma-Roll 77  

Therma-Roll 77

All of the above height calculations are based upon a 80mm octagonal axle.

If exceeding a span of 4500mm please allow for a 100mm axle which may alter the head plate size. Please call to verify your plate details prior to ordering.