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Secure-Grille Specifications

Sliding Headplate Mechanism

Secure-Grille is supplied as standard in white or brown, with the availability of most RAL colours and Anodised finish.

Horizontal carrier bars are reinforced to ensure minimal deflation, with vertical links having a curved design to add strength and also to ensure a smooth rolling operation when operated.

Available in two spacing variations 80mm and 160mm vertical centres. All wider span secure grilles are supplied with a sliding headplate mechanism reducing deflation.

LEFT: Sliding Head Plate mechanism shown right in both fully lowered position and fully raised position.

High Security segmented locking system Secure-Grille is supplied with an anti-fallback device as standard. High Security segmented locking system Optional control comes with a high level of safety provided by a photo cell unit, which stops the shutter to prevent entrapment. Universal mounting brackets are a standard feature on the Secure-Grille giving added protection and ease of adjustment.


Due to the substantial nature of the Secure-Grille profile the heavy duty design allows the profile to be used up to 3000mm high and 5000mm wide. Below is an overview of each build option and the technical requirements.

Secure Grille

All headplates are manufactured from steel. All shutters will be provided with sliding plate mechanisms.

Secure-Grille can be used up to 15Sq/M. If your requirement exceeds the above, please contact WM Shutters for specialist advice. When using sliding headplates the over-ride will be horizontal out from the face of the plate.