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Optional Accessories

Premier Roll Options Glazed vision panels are available to allow light to pass into your garage. The profiles are complete with clear glazing and colour coded to match the door curtain. Foil Colour Finishes are supplied with Brown coloured vision slat.   Premier Roll Options Security low level external over-ride, for applications where garage access during a power failure is unavailable. The unit allows the garage door emergency over ride to be accessed from the exterior of the garage, at a height to suit your needs.



Premier Roll Options Optional full box cover is available to totally enclose the rolling mechanism of the door. Made from coated aluminium with standard colours of white & brown. Optional coloured boxes are available to match curtain colour selections.   Premier Roll Options Multiple garage doors can be controlled from a single keyfob. Available in up to four channel.



Premier Roll Options Wall mounted wireless digital keypad, with up to six digit security codes, allowing full door operation from any button.   Premier Roll Options Lighting controller allows the integration of any lighting and other powered products.Timings are variable at the touch of a button from your keyfob.

GM Doors Limited are the leading f Insulated rolling garage doors. Established since 1998 in Telford Shropshire and manufacturing from their state of the art 78,000 sq ft factory, GM Doors Limited are the only UK manufacturer of insulated garage door profile, ensuring the highest quality and performance UK manufacturer.