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Premier-roll In Depth

Premier-roll is designed to give quiet reliable operation throughout the product life span. All components used in the Manufacture are tested and approved.

Integral Somfy tubular motor unit

An Integral Somfy tubular motor unit with emergency manual over-ride facility to allow the door to be operated in the event of a main power failure. Somfy tubular motors have full five year manufacturers guarantee.

Integral Somfy tubular motor unit


High Security segmented locking system High Security segmented locking system utilising the motor braking force driving the curtain firmly down into the closed position. The locking system works on uneven and a graduated garage door floors.


High Security segmented locking system

Premier-roll has a heavy duty 90mm x 35mm guide section as standard, with a reduced 75mm x 35mm available for narrow applications. The guide section incorporates two luxurious pile in-fills which sandwich the door sections giving a positive draft free seal, helping reduce heat loss from your home.

An extended 150mm x 42mm guide is available for extra large doors positioned in very open areas.


High Security segmented locking system

High Security segmented locking system

A choice of safety system is available to suit every application.

Bottom Seal Contact Strip, uses wireless technology to instantly stop and return the garage door back to the fully open position on contact with any obstacle.

Photo Electric Beam, transmits a polarised invisible light beam across the garage door, and when the beam is broken returns the door to the fully open position.

Note: Both systems can be installed on the same application upon request


Integral Somfy tubular motor unit To further enhance security the bottom rail section on the garage door is fully reinforced against forced entry or damage. The bottom seal is a two pocket single extrusion manufactured from a unique memory based silicon-enhanced rubber, which won't be compressed or lose its shape after repetitive operations. The rubber gives a weatherproof seal.


High security remote control with fully encrypted Keelock technology, ensuring every garage door has its own unique code. Keelock technology ensures that the code on your garage door cannot be copied or cloned.


  1. Every Remote unit comes complete with two keyfob transmitters with a single button for ease of operation.
  2. The reciever unit has an on-built courtesy light which stays illuminated for a period of three minutes after the door has been operated, giving time to navigate through the garage when in darkness.
  3. To cover every eventuality the remote unit has a set of spare fuses under the base cover.
  4. A 60DB NACOS approved, alarm unit is available, which can be easily linked direct to your home alarm system.
  5. An internal button on the wall mounted receiver unit, enables full control of the garage door from inside the garage.