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Micro-Perf Build Options

Micro-Perf is avalibale in two standard build options, Standard and Heavy Duty. Due to the substantial nature of the Micro-Perf profile the heavy-duty design allows the Micro-Perf to be used ip to 4600mm high and 4800mm wide.

All shutters over 100kg or 10.5Sqm (based on 9.5kg per sq metre) curtain weight will be supplied with the heavy-duty option.

Standard Build option

Standard build comes with the following as standard :-

  • 90mm x 34mm aluminium guide section
  • 300mm or 360mm steel headtubes
  • 70mm octagonal steel tube
  • Safety brake unit


Micro-Perf Specially designed 90mm x 34mm aluminium extruded guide section, incorporating heavy-duty brush seal, eliminating draughts and noise. Every guide section is fully finished in a powder coated paint finish from our standard colour range. Micro-Perf Safety is essential in retail premises - Micro-Perf ensures safety with the usage of an anti-fall back device ensuring that the Micro-Perf always operates in a safe environment.
Micro-Perf Reinforces headplate complete with guide roller and 70mm steel octagonal barrel assembly with tubular motor drive.    

Heavy-Duty Build option

Heavy-duty build comes with the following as standard:-

  • 85mm x 38mm aluminium guide section
  • 60mm x 60mm support box section
  • 50mm x 50mm plate support box section
  • 360mm or 400mm steel headplates
  • Optional auminium cover angle
  • 133mm round steel tube



Heavy Duty Guide Section


Optional Back Box


All Micro-Perf head plates are manufactured from steel

All shutters can be supplied with sliding head plate mechanisms as an option

Micro-Perf can be used to 5800mm overall width x 4800mm overall height.

If your requirement exceeds these please contact WM Shutters for specialist advice.

When using sliding head plates over-ride will be horizontal out from the face of the plate.