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Product Overview

All Security lintels are made to measure, and are designed to meet your requirements for most building designs. Adjacent lintel system allow for the lintel trays to combine to form a 45° seamless corner effect giving added strength and additional security.

Structural lintel Shutter Integration allows a choice of shutter selection:

  • Aluminium Extruded Security Shutter

  • Steel Insulated Security Shutter

  • All Shutters have a specially designed sliding plate mechanism ensuring that the shutter is always at the correct entry position for smoother operation, and reducing friction and wear on the shutter components.
  • Integration of advance wireless controls allow the shutters to be controlled remotely giving added
    flexibility of design, and removing the need for expensive additional wiring

  • Lintel systems can be installed without the security shutter option, allowing the would be tenant to brand and colour coordinate and choose control options to suit corperate strategies
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