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Technical Layout

The structural lintel system is supplied complete with thermatic islulation giving a respectable “U” value qualification. The Cavity closer legs are supplied with thermal break as standard and integrate with the base closer to give a sturdy frame for building intergartion. Tharmal values can be firther enhanced by choosing the specially designed S42 Insulated steel shutter curtain option, combining supreme security with added insulation.

Lintel Systems

General Layout

Lintel Systems
  1. Outer Leaf Brickwork 103mm thick, thernal conductivity 0.77W/mK and a residual cavity of 50mm where the residual cavity has a thermal resistance of 0.644m2K/W conductivity of 0.04W/mK
  2. Cavity consisting of 50mm insulation
  3. 100mm Thick Internal Blockwork, thermal conductivity 0.15W/mK where each block is 215mm tall
  4. Metal Lintel 2.0mm Thick, conductivity 50 W/mK
  5. All polystrene insulation is considered to have a thermal
  6. Plaster Dabs above the inner plasterboard about 7.0mm thick located at junction of plasterboard and MDF to be continous.
  7. Secure-roll Extruded Aluminium Shutter
    Shutter in the open position
    conductivity 205 W/mK
  8. Mild steel shutter core made from 1.2mm thick 90mm octagonal tube conductivity 50 W/mK and the phenolic foam a conductivity of 0.02W/mK