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CountryMed roof shading systems allows you to enjoy the beauty of the garden or terrace space whatever the season, giving you and your family protection from rain and sunlight.

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Motors and Automatic Devices

Somfy motors combine quality, reliability with innotive design and optimal technical features. Automatic control systems designed to operate silently


Protection Roof (Optional)

When the awning is stacked in the gathered position a protection cover stops debris or water from gathering in the fabric and mechanism. The covers are available in transparent PMMA or powder coated aluminium.




Tensioned Cloth or Wave-Shaped Cloth

An unmistakable feature of the CountryMed is the manner in which the cloth can be staged. In the motorised format the fabric bands are completley stretched creating a flat surface that guarantees the discharge of any rainwater (minimum inclanation of 8 degree required).

The manual version where the fabric is waved a side discharge is required(minimum lateral inclanation of 2 degree required)


A fabric band awning combined with either a traditional style wooden structure giving depth and character to the installation or a modern powder-coated aluminium structure.

Designed to give maximum flexibility of coverage from 5500mm up to 11800mm in width combined with a projection of up to 7000mm.


The weather strip system makes the installation of the fabric easier, the fabrics are separate and sealed with a specially designed cord and gasket combination which are inserted into the horizontal profile.

The seals are then compressed into position by a third oval seal gasket ensuring that every fabric section is completely water tight.

The design allows individual fabric sections to be changed or repaired individually keeping future maintenance and cleaning costs to a minimum.


Technological Research and Beauty

The CountryMed is the result of extensive market research into solar shading solutions offering the latest in sun shading technology combined with elegance and innovative design. The products are fully tested and include three patented systems.

Maximum Dimensions per fabric segment

Single fabric module up to 5500mm in width

Double fabric module up to 9000mm in width.

Triple fabric module up to 1180mm in width.

Maximum projection of 7000mm on all modules.


Wind Resistance

Class 3 (110NM = 50km/h)

Equal to garde 6-7 on the Beaufort scale.